Thrive Guide!

What is helping me Thrive this week! 

Love this raw advice from a fellow who divorced after 16 years of marriage. Relationships deserve (and require) to be tended to, Intentionally create the relationship you want.

Haha!! Buzz feed does it again! Yes indeed this elicits hilarious memories from the 90's! 

Sisters Better Half!!! Fun filled event rocking and rolling with girlfriends! We had quite the cheering crew too :) Nothing like getting your blood pumping, endorphins rushing and goal crushing! 

Can't get enough of Amazon Power! Beyond refreshing deliciousness!! 

Sister time!!! Love, love, love living in the same town as my sister! She is such a bright shiny light! I love being able to see her whenever I want! We have such a unique and special bond! xoxo 

What do you want from life? Get out there and make it happen!! Release the barriers, plow over them and launch towards your goals and dreams. Punctuate your strengths, celebrate your baby steps and embrace your journey! Never stop chasing your desired feelings!! Cheers to another week of thriving!