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Thrive Online is designed to shift to utilizing therapy as a preventative measure versus solely for repair. What we know, with certainty, is that all couples have times of struggle. This is a program designed to stay ahead of the hurts and enhance your connection and communication.

The Gottman Institute conducted a study punctuating that seeking couples therapy is a sign of health, not dysfunction. Sadly, only 19% of couples seek help – and of those that do, couples therapy has an 85% success rate. In other words, the majority of couples who attend evidence-based couples therapy regain a happy, healthy relationship, with resources and tools to help them maintain it for years to come. Together, let’s commit to boosting that 19%!



Here is how Thrive Online works!


Each group is a month long with three recorded sessions tailored to what the participating couples are needing based off that weeks work.


As a couple you will fill out an intake questionnaire. All information shared in correspondence with me will be confidential. We will use this information to create the first session.


You and your significant other can login wherever you have a wifi connection AND whenever is best for you each week! The work will be completed privately. The other couples that register will simultaneously be engaging in the course and process.


Exercises will be provided in your workbook that you and your partner can work on in between sessions. Your experience, questions and comments will influence the next session. 


Couples can reach out to me throughout the week to ask clarifying questions and seek support. I will also touch base with each couple weekly.


It is imperative to foster the relationship with yourself and those you love. I look forward to embarking on this journey with all you inspiring couples!

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