Exercise therapy is the integration of movement and therapy.

Some people find it helpful to be side by side and in motion during therapy rather than sitting across from a therapist. There are several exercise modalities that can be utilized, depending on the clients goals- including; walking (we have easy access to the river trail), yoga, strength training, creative cardio or cross training. Clients dress in comfortable clothes and shoes to exercise in. We provide all the equipment you will need. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it. The sessions are tailored specifically to the clients needs.

Exercise therapy is an active way to get help and talk about the barriers you are faced with by literally and figuratively moving forward. People often feel more comfortable talking while moving and are surprised by what surfaces in sessions when they are exercising. Sessions are intentional and utilize the clarity you gain through movement and talk therapy to further problem solve and process.

The first session we generally meet in an office to discuss paperwork and get acquainted. We discuss what brought you in and determine what exercise modality and format for sessions is going to be most conducive for you and your goals.

Each session will begin with a check-in to customize the session to where you are, in that moment. From there, we will continue the conversation in the gym/studio or head outside for a walk or to exercise in the park.