My work with Katie has been nothing short of amazing and life transforming. Her gifts as a therapist have shown me ways to positively reframe the way I see myself and my place in the world.

I began working with her to begin a complete midlife re-boot. I was able to shift my relationship with myself, my marriage and my career. She quietly listens and asks poignant and insightful questions. After our sessions, I leave with a greater sense of self-clarity and can establish mini-goals for the week or month ahead. Without judgement and with the most kind hearted support, she helps me find way to take care of myself and nurture my authenticity. She facilitates my longing for internal happiness and had helped me discover life’s passion. She has guided me to restore my splintered marriage, and cultivated space for me to heal from life’s pain, loss and transitional shifts (both big and small)

Katie has transformed my life! She has effected profound change for me. I hold her close to my heart with love and recognition for her gifts, patience and grace.

Katie is, by far, one of the most genuine and thoughtful individuals I have ever met. Even though her clinical training was very comprehensive and her experience has been vast, her ability to connect with people is her greatest strength. Both colleagues and clients alike cannot deny Katie’s kindness. Add that to her keen knowledge of fitness and training and her approach to clients becomes unique and heavily sought after. Her beliefs about clients having the inner strength to accomplish their goals and that everyone has their own path to change will inevitably be the reason clients are drawn to her practice. As a clinical supervisor, and faculty in a therapy program, I have worked closely with Katie and many other therapists over the years. I can honestly say that Katie is the exact kind of therapist I would want for myself. Her integration of mental health and fitness is needed as we all aim for greater overall wellness. Working on both simultaneously is efficient, but also very creative. Katie’s knowledge base, personal attributes, and her experience surpass most therapists I have worked with to date and I think she is a fantastic addition to the Bend area!
— Tiffany B. Brown, Ph.D., LMFT - Lecturer/Externship Coordinator, Couples and Family Therapy Program Clinical Director, Center for Family Therapy / Program Director, Collegiate Recovery / University of Oregon

Katie Leary Steele is not a personal trainer. She is not a fitness instructor. She is not a counselor. She is a bridge. Her specialty is guiding people who are lacking fitness, energy, stability and happiness TO THE OTHER SIDE of the bridge…the side where we all want to be…where we are grounded, content, energized and passionate. Katie understands the complexity of how wellness works…how movement principles (yoga, strength training, cardio) AND mindfulness principles (counseling, meditation, reflection) work together to create a foundation for happiness. She is the person in the room that is smiling all the time…she is the person who understands the secret that we all want to know. Ask her to share it with you…
— Jay Martin - Owner/The Lifeforce Fitness Project

What Katie Leary Steele is doing for others is nothing short of amazing. By harnessing the power of both mind and body, clients delve into the work and uncover their full potential. Katie’s support and expertise will take anyone to the next level and toward transformation, whether or not you’ve been exposed to yoga or therapy. In fact, if you haven’t, even better! With Katie’s skill she will create a program that truly meets you where you are. Only where you currently are certainly won’t be where you end up!
— Mary Beth LaRue -