I set  acceptance as the theme of the new year all of what, three, yes three days ago.

I have had to remind myself of that intention countless times. 

This morning at the gym I smashed into the wall of judgement and disappointment. Over and over and over again! 

Adam's schedule changed which enables me to work out first thing in the morning. My very favorite time to get my blood pumping. I hopped out of bed first thing this morning, did not look at my phone, put the clothes on I had set out the night before and scooted right out the door. Feeling empowered and excited for my new routine. I started my run on the tredmill and blasted some of my favorite tunes! I felt great! 

Midrun I decided today was going to be the day I started lifting again.... Post run I went up to the weight room and started my routine. I typically do circuits, minimal rest and back to back exercise utilizing agonist and antagonist muscles. I reached down to pick up the dumb bells for my third set of hamstring hangs when eeeeck..... My hamstrings were screaming at me. They tensed to the point that I could not even bend down to pick up the weights.

Here is where judgement and disappointment quickly greeted me. You "should" have been coming to the gym all this time, you've completely de-conditioned your body, you will never feel fit again, you can't even do xyz workout anymore, how did you let this happen- you get the idea. Acceptance was nowhere to be seen!

Until I remembered my 2016 intention and made a choice. I was not going to let those pesky thoughts trick me. I left the house feeling empowered. So I cramped up mid workout. Big deal. I had pushed myself to a place in which my body was fatigued. Did I need to complete the circuit, nope. For today, I had gotten what I needed from the gym. 

Our thoughts are beyond sneaky. Often, we do not realize the story that is being created in our head. Had I not noticed that judgment and disappointment crept in, I would have left the gym with an overall sense of defeat. My thoughts were really stoking that defeated fire. Fortunately, my connection to my intention of acceptance lit up in my soul and counterbalanced those thoughts. Acceptance reminded me to be. To accept the circumstance and the choices I had made. Acceptance enabled me to re-write the defeated story being constructed in my head to leave the gym feeling accomplished. I had made it to the gym and challenged my comfort zone. In my book, that is a success. 

Friends, please take time to celebrate your successes. Honor each success for what it is. Each stepping stone you land on deserves to be acknowledged. Because in 2016 we celebrate us for who we are in this very, wonderful moment.