Breathing in the summer air

Hello July! I LOVE summer, in particular in Bend! I love the hustle and bustle, the excitement, all the people out and about, the smell of pine/dirt, driving up into the breathtaking mountains, endless activities and outing. I was driving home the other day and was oozing with joy. My favorite tunes blasting, a river full of folks on rafts, loud chatter and sun beaming. 

It’s intention time and I’m overcome with a sense of wanting to hold onto that feeling. Of course no one feeling lasts forever, however I want to partake in festivities, outings and surround myself with people that elicit that freeing feeling. The feeling of blissfulness.

I will stay connected to that blissful feeling by...

Going exploring: I plan to get lost in nature, lose track of time, disconnected from electronics. I love nothing more than being in nature with others.

Floating the river: This not being a baby friendly activity I have already missed several trips down the river. I fully intend to become one with the river that is always accompanied with tons of belly laughs! 

Anything outdoors: Picnics, walks, runs, hikes, camping trips, outdoor restaurants, BBQ, backyard fire pit, river floats, socializing, downtown shops, music festivals, first Friday- I am in! 

Creating time with those I love: We are super fortunate to have a lot of those near and dear to us visit this summer! I love sharing my love for Bend with them and trying things I haven't tried before! I also feel beyond fortunate to have the most stellar tribe of local friends! I am committed to balancing both and ensure that I get to spend quality time with all of them! 

Taking videos: I have 8 million photos of C. I am going to start taking videos. I love watching the home videos my grandpa took when my mom and her sibling were growing and up when my sister, cousin and I were growing up! I want to be able to watch the little endearing things years from now that likely won’t always be so fresh in my mind. I want the videos to serve as a memory igniter :)

To you, friends- I hope you have a delightful summer full of all the things that fuel your soul!