May Day!

Ok- I said it last month and I'm saying it again- where has the time gone? Hello intention setting time!! Hello May!! I have been connecting with my intentions all month despite posting this seven days late. For me it really is helpful to write the intentions down and share them with you all. There is an accountability and commitment piece that adds weight to it for me. Here we go.... 

* Write a weekly blog! Phew, just in the nick of time for blog one. I really value connecting with my blog friends and commit to not letting it slip to the back burner! 

* Change up the exercise routine. I feel my best when exercising and have a tendency to get over zealous. I started running several weeks ago and ran everyday, mostly with a stroller. Whoops. I shouldn't have been surprised when my back started to hurt and I  had to take a week off of running and well anything really- including standing up to put my pants on. Variety is now the name of my game. Four girlfriends and I did a circuit workout together on Monday, I went for a mountain bike ride Tuesday and ran Wednesday. I love them all and will continue to integrate each of them into my practice, plus some yoga, road rides, and rest! 

* Gut check! I'm a feeler and notice interactions and non verbals constantly. Professionally it's great but personally it can cause me to take on things that aren't mine. This month I'm going to notice the feelings that arise, determine the purpose it's serving/where it is rooted and if the interactions are mine to take on, or not. 

* Read. I am a complete sucker for any self help book or non-fiction. I love people's stories and am all about evolving. I admit it's been several months since I have finished a book. I have started generating a list of must reads and I am ready to dig into them! 

I value the time spent at the beginning of each month to get intentional about my goals and ensure I'm staying true to me. Life gets busy, we are all juggling a million things and a transparent plan is what enables one to stay grounded and connected.

I'm going back to a 16 hour a week position at the hospital starting Monday. A friend at dinner last night asked me how I felt about going back. I found myself sharing how I started seeing clients very shortly after Camden was born and how it was the best thing I could have done for myself and him. I come home after sessions happy, refreshed and energized. And when I'm happy, I'm a better mom. I want to practice and accompany others on their journey because I want Camden to see me working hard and following my dreams so he knows his potential is endless. I shared that I feel the hospital serves a similar purpose. I love what I do professionally and I love my baby with every fiber of my being. 

(Side note) Plus, I am excited for Adam that he is now going to get more one on one time with Camden. When I am home I want to help and be a part of the process. Adam is a phenomenal dad and as much as I hate to admit it, he and Camden are going to have a blast when I am gone :) 

My point is that having a transparent plan, intentions and dialogue enables me to find that balance in life. We all have various elements of life that make us tick, light our fire, give us a sense of purpose. It's easy to let them slip in order to keep our head above water in the daily grind. What would it look like to integrate your fire lighting variables into your daily life in order for you to be your most complete you? 

I love watching my sister be a mom, I am learning so much from her. I feel beyond grateful that our little ones get to grow up together!!