Full Heart

February is a month I am certain is going to be full of love. Baby Steele is officially due this month, today in fact! I dedicate this month not only to love but to fluidity. I like structure and without a doubt in my mind, that is about to go out the back door- Therefore, my February mini goals are intended to support my life that is about to change in a way that I can’t predict. What I can ensure is how I am going to approach the changes and stay connected to my greater goals for the year as life evolves in new and exciting ways :)

 Here are my intentions for the month!

  • Take a moment to pause, really pause, and notice how I feel. Am I tired, grouchy, is it really Adam I’m frustrated with or is it more that I am overwhelmed and trying to learn new coping skills? The pausing is imperative. I do not want to project emotions in an unwarranted direction and I want to intentionally learn the new cues my body is going to be sending me. 
  • Be ok with boundaries. My sister tells me I have a fear of missing out. She’s 100% right. I overbook myself and I really dislike missing out on activities. I need to embrace February to just be, to love on the baby and to find comfort with not being able to juggle it all. I can ask for help when I feel like I need it and decline help when I feel like I need a moment to myself.


  • Seek balance. I hear the first little bit it will feel near impossible to be balanced :) However, I intend to strategically work to create that center space. I will ride the uncertainty and understand that as life shifts it can feel unsettling and it can also be so wonderful. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with the dialogue in my head and determine if there are changes I want to want to make rather than let it run its own course.


  • Embrace teamwork. I could not feel more lucky to be starting this new lifecycle stage with Adam. I want to fully engulf our ability to be a team, learn together and support one another. The time is short and I want to be fully present in thisstage. I wish I could bottle up how wonderful it has felt and as we have prepared to welcome the baby into the world. I want to continue to bask in the bliss of his support, humor and love.


  • Cherish the time with loved ones. We are fortunate to have an incredible support system! Lots of family and friends are offering to help and are planning to stay with us to help ease us into the parenthood J I am excited to share this journey with those we love. I so have enjoyed hearing everyone’s pregnancy and birth stories and am looking forward to learningfrom others as they share their wisdom with us first time parents. 

 What are your February mini goals? How are you going to continue to rock your resolutions?! This is a key month to stay connected with what you are committed to in order to be the very best version of yourself! 

 Lots of love.