Not waiting until the New Year!

I LOVE feeling productive. I love wearing as many hats as possible and testing how many plates I can juggle at a time. And then one falls… In the last several weeks I had mentioned to Adam that I felt like I was in a groove. Life at home was blissful, work was balanced, I was exercising to clear my head space, eating to fuel my day, spending time with my tribe and intentionally connecting with my personal self growth. Then wham, the plate drops. I got a cold and realized I was burning the candle from both ends.

A friend/personal trainer as Recharge was sharing his training philosophy with me earlier this week. It’s called periodization. In essence, you have training phases consisting of various intensity levels. We were discussing how challenging it can be to stick with a routine. Life gets in the way, you get sick, family events arise, time is tight, the list goes on. We discussed the impact in this training model of being able to take breaks are intentionally scheduled in versus getting overwhelmed and implusively taking a break.

This got me thinking- as humans we know this. We often have a big picture in our head and trip over the pebble in the middle of the path that feels like a boulder. I started thinking how come we do not more frequently out smart ourselves. 

 My sister ordered what she thought were coloring books but turned out they were journals. She gave them to me, stating that she knows I will use them to journal. Eeck! While yes, I LOVE journaling, it was slipped off my daily, more like weekly, radar. 

Pre day light savings time Camden slept in until 8am or 9am. When morning routines would allow, I would use the quiet morning time to read my beloved self help books. I must regress... what is it about day light savings that has children wake up numerous hours earlier versus the one hour the time shifted?!? Needless to say morning reading sessions have been far and few between.

We joined a gym with daycare to ensure regardless of one another's schedules, Adam and I would both be able to go to the gym. Yet somehow I have not been going enough to gain the clarity of mind I love so much from exercising consistently. 

So here I am, recognizing that I could continue to push off the variables of life that make me feel my most grounded or choose to reconnect with the components that bring groundedness into my life. 

 How come we wait to make a shift when it is unbearable, there is a natural time (i.e. Monday, New Years, celebratory occasion)? Doesn’t self love need tending to at all times? Consistency is a critical variable and yet we allow ourselves to get derailed by various things. How do we follow through for ourselves as we would for a friend, spouse or child?

The beauty is there is no problem with dropping a metaphorical plate. We have to continue to push and challenge ourselves in order to expand our threshold and learn what our capacity is, since that is ever changing. 

 Our evolution of self is constant. How do we begin to shift our perspective from repair to fluidity? We are each responsible for managing our time. I do not minimize the fact that time is tight- come on universe create five more hours in the day!!! Until then, how do we deliberetely decide what plates to set down, not indefinetly but in order to really be able to show up for ourselves and those we care about?!