Happy 2015!

Hello 2015!!! After completing my first year of monthly intention setting, I can say, with confidence there is profound power in connecting with your greater goals on a regular basis. I think there is value in setting resolutions at the beginning of the year and strongly believe that the actual movement towards those resolutions or goals happens incrementally throughout the year. We must stay connected to those resolutions otherwise come February they can already be a distant memory. 

The format I have found to be most effective is identifying big goals for the year and then breaking down those goals every month in order to make the steps feasible and realistic. There are very few goals that can be accomplished with one single step. Goals typically require persistence, consistency and fluidity.

Here are my greater goals for 2015~

* Find a balance in life- Woah! Broad- right? Balance in life? Well but of course. A common goal, one a lot of us seek. I want to balance my roles- soon to be mother, friend, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, athlete, wife, coworker, etc. This goal is not simply going to be accomplished by setting that intention in this moment. I need to stay connected to this goal all year. I frequently need to be checking in with myself of how the balance feels. It will fluctuate each month, therefore I constantly need to be adapting and making changes to strike the balance that feel right in that moment. This is the place where I then set mini intentions in order to be diligent at staying connected with my greater intentions. Ensuring that just because the middle of January felt hectic and unbalanced does not mean this goal will slip off my radar for the remainder of the year. I will have grace with myself and know that sometimes will feel more balanced than others, however I will be constantly striving to root in that place of balance.

* Create and host an adolescent female retreat. Tentatively the date is set for the end of July or beginning of August. I am partnering with a soul sister that is bringing all sorts of awesome ideas. 

* Chase my dreams- I am not going to be afraid of failing, take risks and challenge myself. 2015 will be the year to bust my butt and get out of my comfort zone. When I do feel afraid or my ego is bruised, I will pick myself up, reflect about what happened and learn from it.

* Do not get derailed by inner dialogue. We get to choose the story in our head. I am committed to not letting it go on auto pilot, the place where it can most easily play tricks on me. 

* Try new things- hello year of yes! I am going to lean into all things new and all opportunities period. Try a new hobby? Yes! Meet new friends? Yes! Go on a trip? Yes! I welcome it all enthusiastically, the new and the old!

 For all my greater goals I will be setting mini intentions. Working to stay connected to them daily to ensure I accomplish them in the manner in which I intend. I am not setting these goals to check a box. I set goals to be a better version of me. A process that is constant and ebbs as flows as life does. I believe things happen for a reason and I believe we have a lot of control of how we choose to live our life. This is what works for me. It isn’t a perfect plan for everybody. What is your plan going to be? How are you going to stay connected to your 2015 goals and create the life you are seeking?

 Happy 2015 to you all! Cheers to the up and to the downs! Thrive on, friends!