Happy July!!

Why hello July! You have crept up ever to slyly. This is going to be a month of finding balance between the hustle and allowing myself to just play. I have been feeling an ongoing tug between creating more and just letting things evolve and enjoy the fun summer activities.

*  I have slipped way, way, way behind on my blog. I was really enjoying blogging and recently I haven’t felt super inspired to write. I am going to spend time with my writing journal this month to see what surfaces. Maybe an entry or two will turn into a blog post?!?

 * July is a month full of celebration and family time. I am going to soak it up. First up, 4th of July Celebration in Sunriver with family, then the annual Wild Women's Weekend trip in Disneyland, then to Chicago to celebrate the love of my cousin and her soon to be husband with extended family and last but certainly not least a fun stop in Minnesota to visit family! Yippee! I am going to cherish every moment and make the most of the time with each and every one person! 

 * Go on one adventure a week. Summer is the perfect time to explore and try to new things. A couple activities that have been sparking my interest are floating the river, paddle boarding, going to concerts, dancing, trying new hikes, going to the nearby lakes, I dream of owning a boat, I will start scouting the lakes now :)

 * Carve out time with friends! I am bound and determined to create girlfriend get togethers. My gals and I were on a roll getting together at least weekly there for awhile. Recently, we have to compare schedules out forever in advance to coordinate. All you bloggers can hold me accountable that I am going to shuffle things around in order for some QT with my girlfriends!

 I intentionally set very few mini goals. The goal for July is to not have goals :) Other things will get put on the back burner. Like my personal training certification study prep, insurance applications. That all will resume in August and I know won’t go anywhere. There is something to be said for finding a balance. It is hard. I have a belief that I will create my destiny and if I am not working or generating ideas or taking the next exam… opportunities will be stunted. July, I am going to embrace the togetherness I will have with family, the freedom of being on vacation and not having a schedule. So what, the personal training exam gets pushed back? I have no doubt I will still meet my deadline and take the exam by December. July is the month of no deadlines, no have to, no shoulds. I will be present. I will check-in internally and follow my instinct, connect with my values- not my pre-determined plan. Hello freedom! Happy July, friends. How are you all going to follow your heart this month?