Hello June!!!

Hello June! Oh how quickly you crept up! Hard to believe it is already time to set my beginning of the month mini goals! I got to jump start the month of June with the most amazing women at the mini retreat! I was reminded of the power of the sisterhood, play and intentions. I left Smith Rock yesterday with a full heart that was oozing with the inspiration I had acquired from the women I was fortunate to spend the morning with!

June Mini Goals 

* Ensure that I carve out one day a week where I do not go into Thrive or the hospital. That day off will serve as my chance to play. It will be a day free to structure the however I want or maybe not structure at all. During that day off I will have the space to explore and just be. Make it whatever my soul needs, in that moment. 

*Really dig into my personal training certification! I set this intention last month and just barely scratched the surface of studying. I will take a couple more practice tests and make a dent in the reading materials. By the end of the month I will determine when I am going to take the exam. I have to admit, reading the book is kind of a snoozer. It is dense and saturated with info. I am also attempting to twist my friends arm to study with me :) 

* Create the second Thrive Bend mini retreat!!! I have a tentative date of Saturday August 16 marked in my planner. From there I have ideas swirling in my mind and I am excited to put pen to paper and make it a reality! 

* Attend at least two yoga classes a week. I love to go a million miles a minutes! I have what my sister calls FOMO- fear of missing out. She is right. I love to be in the action and surrounded by people. Yoga is a practice that slows me down. As passionate as I am about running, it often times fuels my energetic being. Yoga enables me to connect with my centered self,  breath a little deeper, walk a little slower and notice a little bit more. 

* Go outside as often as possible. Central Oregon could not be more beautiful in the summer! There are endless adventures and outdoor activities to engage in! Several of my favorites I am chomping at the bit for are; floating the river, riding a cruiser bike around Sunriver, hike the South Sister, go to a concert, BBQing, weddings, family gatherings and basking in the sun. I could go on and on! Bring on the late nights, late being about 11pm :) and early mornings! 

As you spring into summer what are your intentions? The longer hours of daylight provide us with the opportunity to play more and sleep less! How do you balance playing and allowing yourself to be? What are ways you stay present with the hustle and bustle of summer vacations, schedule changes and endless adventures? I am committed to working towards finding gratitude in every moment. Time has a tendency to fly by. Although I have a blast in the moment, I want to also pause long enough to bottle up a little bit of each experience to always be able to access the phenomenal company, belly laughs and the smiling until our cheeks hurt. I do not want to take one second for granted. I want to be present and enjoy the time I get to be surrounded by those that I love. Summer has a tendency to bring people together. For that, I deeply love summer!!