The Thrive Guide

What is helping me THRIVE :) 

My Mom!! :) I bought a magnet for her that sums it up perfectly (hopefully she doesn't see this before I give it to her). The truth is, even if she weren't my Mom I would go out of my way to be friends with her! Love her with every fiber of my being! Thank you for teaching me to live fully, love freely, laugh often and embrace all opportunities! Also, a super shout out to the most amazing mother in law in the world!! Celebrating both of you and all the other amazing moms in my life!! xoxo

LOL! Who doesn't love a good lip syncing battle! Emma Stone brings it! 

Amazing interview with Jesse Thomas! Love that he is shattering his doubt and rocking his vulnerability! 

The power of girlfriends! Love, love, love my girls! I got to go out with my gals numerous times this week! So many belly laughs, huge smiles, good food, hiking, story telling, baby snuggling and overall support! You all fuel my fire! xoxo 

Great article about marriage/partnership! It embodies the give and take and frustration experienced in relationships, that is then met with sweet, sweet tenderness. Relationships take work and are an ongoing negotiation. Adam, thank you for the unique, loving, feisty, energizing, passion and adventure filled relationship!  

Intentionally seek out things, people, events that make you tick! Create a life you love living. Notice the little things that tug at your heart strings, make you belly hurt from laughing so hard, give you goosebumps, motivate you and make you smile. Cheers to a week of noticing and celebrating the small things in life!