May Flowers!

The flowers are blooming and the sun is starting to make a longer, warmer appearance in the day! It is a perfect time to pause and set intentions for May!! 

My May Mini Goals!!! 

* Have fresh flowers in my house. Nothing says spring like flowers! The smell and presence of flower ignite excitement in me. They generate energy and enthusiasm for the new day. Waking up to fresh flowers puts an instant smile on my face! 

* Break 1:30 in a half marathon. I ran a half marathon in April and that was specifically to jump over the hurdle of "racing." I have a lot of fear that tends to bubble up inside of me from college, when I think about racing. I had a blast with my girlfriends at the Sisters Better Half! I am not going to get fear get in the way of doing what I love to do! 

* Never turn down an offer to do something! I realized the other day I kind of am already kind of doing this but want to be deliberate in keeping it up! I love meeting new people, trying new things and learning! All that is possible when you always accept invitations to do things! This certainly does not mean I won't also initiate gatherings, however I will also fully lean into the other community events and socials! Bring it on May! Cheers to embracing opportunities! 

* Finish reading May Cause Miracles: A 40 day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness! I started this book April 1 and am loving it! According to the schedule, I should be finishing it in 9 days. Truth be told, there have been days that I haven't done the assigned exercises or taken a couple days to do one exercise. I will continue to work through the book at my own pace throughout May! 

* Dig deep into my personal training certification study material! The study prep begins today! May 1! I will start with a practice test to see the areas I need to study the most and get a gauge for how long I will need to prep for the exam! 

* A 24 hour digital detox! I have done a digital detox each month of 2014. Each time I learn something profoundly different. They have generated more awareness, presence and insight. Can't wait to see what May brings! 

* Listen to more music! I love to dance, I love to sing neither which I am a rock star at but they both light up my soul. May is going to be my month of jamming out and blaring my favorite tunes, with the windows open! 

What are your intentions for May? We often are not deliberate in creating the life we want to live. Setting mini goals or intentions at the beginning of each month serves as an opportunity to connect with what you want in life. Rather than passively hoping something happen, take the initiative to create that opportunity, feeling, event, whatever it is that set your soul on fire and makes your heart sing! Spring into May with blooming goals!! xoxo