Shake it out!

Adam has a way of knowing exactly what I need, whether it be some humor, a big dose of love or a bit of reality checking. He is the best mirror in the world! 

I woke up lacking the pep in my step. I wasn't motivated to go running or to yoga. I waited for Adam to wake up so he would ride a bike we me while I ran. When he woke up I made some snarky comments and felt distressed. I huffed and puffed around the house suddenly motivated to complete ALL house chores (something I tend to do when anxious). 

While I was changing the sheets on the bed and organizing my clothes, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adam tip toeing by in the hallway. My ego was blocking my view and I didn't acknowledge him. Then when I was folding and changing the laundry Adam tip toed by again- As I was selectively not seeing him, he came darting into the laundry room and played a joke on me. His humor was undeniable.

Hello attitude adjustment! The game of tag around the house was also an instant mood booster! Maple also LOVES when people run around the house :)

 The new enthusiasm propelled me out the door for our run/bike/chat in the fresh air! After the run I was reflecting on what had come up for me this morning. What was triggering my stress and anxiety. I applied some lavender lotion, picked out my clothes for work, flossed my teeth and turned on my favorite feel good songs and rocked out! It sounds silly, however sometimes those little things can reroot you in your life. Plus, there is no denying the power of team work! We all have rough days, months and times and buddies and a support crew are critical! 

The days when you least feel like going for your run, doing your hair and tending to the little details of daily living are the moments we need it the most. To demonstrate to ourselves that we are worth it. That we are valuable and deserve to feel our best.  

Just in case you forgot in this moment. You are enough, as you are right now. Always have been always will be!