The Thrive Guide!

How I am THRIVING this week :) 

Love this video message! Power to the strong sisterhood community! Bye bye bossy!! 

I was able to chat and connect with the ever inspiring, Mary Beth LaRue! Mary Beth has lit a fire in a life that has generated all sorts of enthusiasm and motivation! Her passion, presence and creativity is unmatched!! She is indeed a bliss crafter :)

This is a refreshing blog by my girl, Karly. A profound reminder to take a breath and allow myself to fall in love with what I am surrounded by in that moment! I adore you, Karly Wade!! 

My trusty companion, my running shoes. Even when I least feel like taking that step out the front door, there is an undeniable transformation that happens from that first step to when I touch foot back on my door step. Hello clarity, intentionality, perspective, breath, excitement and awareness! All in thanks to lacing up my running shoes and hitting the trail! 

 Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! I can't get enough of these Quakers rice cakes!  

Recharge! Where recovery meets community! Every time I am there I meet amazing new people! There is a serious sense of dedication, connection and play. Renee and Austin (the owners of Recharge) you rock!!!