Slow down your roll….

I'm really good and going a million miles a minute. Checking off my to do list. One of my greatest strengths is my efficiency. Which in turn makes one of my areas of growth to SLOW DOWN!! The rapid fire approach to life is a sure tell way that you will break. Maybe not today or this week but it isn't sustainable forever.

I learned this in college, the hard way. When I was given a workout and I followed it to a tee. I was not going to miss one mile, one weight room session, one cross training session. I got positive feedback for that. I was dedicated, hardworking and motivated. What I really needed was somebody or myself to say, "Woah girl! Slow down your roll." Eventually my body did the talking- in a dramatic way, because I had ignored all her more subtle signals. I got a stress fracture in my foot and tore all the ligaments and tendons in my ankle. Hmmm… Not the outcome I was hoping for, that was for sure. Being in a stabilized boot for eight months certainly slowed down my roll. I got to know the training room and trainers really well- as nice as they were it was a far cry from the fresh air and running free vision that I had in mind. 

Not only was my foot broken, my spirit was crushed. I had just transferred to a new school in hope of really making a place for myself and the running career I was in pursuit of. I was floundering and all the pieces of myself were disconnected. I identified with being a "runner" and now I was in a boot so I wasn't doing any running and therefore that had to mean I wasn't a "runner."

I started my true soul searching journey at that time, expanding my world view, meeting people outside of the running world, looking into the possibility of graduate school, deciding what I was going to do with my life next and where I was going to take myself. I admit I was still carrying around a lot of shame, embarrassment, disappointment and anger. However, despite my bruised ego I knew I wanted to feel the freedom that running in the fresh air, on a dirt trail, with breath taking views induced in me. It took trial and error, a lot of failures, confused thinking patterns that an extra mile or extra hour of exercise would connect me to my desired feelings….

I then found the Lifeforce Fitness Project! Hello group fitness, hello fun, hello self awareness! Who knew the three really did go hand in hand. I didn't have to be running on the trails by myself or a close friend to feel that liberation- I could be with a group of inspiring people and a kick ass coach! Jay, the Lifeforce Fitness Project owner instills a conscious exploration of self, play, fitness and intention setting all in one spot! At Lifeforce I learned what it feels like to be grounded, to feel a sense of community and to have a strong connection to self. Jay introduced me to a new level of empowerment, strength and self confidence!!  I miss not being able to go to Lifeforce on a regular basis. However, I continue to connect with the values, awareness and perspective I learned from Jay. Everyday I remind myself of the choices I get to make in order to further connect with my passions and purpose! Lifeforce and Jay will forever hold a special place in my heart! I am already excited for my next visit to Eugene and The Lifeforce Fitness Project! :)