The Hustle

The concept of "the hustle" hadn't fully resonated with me. Welp, I got it! Hello world of self employment. There is something so raw about reaching out to people to share your vision and intention. It's a hustle. Check- new word meaning in the bank.  

I love the level of motivation and enthusiasm that accompanies "the hustle." Mary Beth Larue said it best; vulnerability has become her norm. Incredible! She is so right. The hustle and vulnerability certainly go hand in hand! It's a blend of "wow this is terrifying" and my soul could not be smiling bigger. I  have not fully embraced vulnerabilities constant presence in my life, however I certainly notice it. It is an adjustment, it is out my comfort zone and it is definitely the most empowering choice I have ever made for myself. 

Folks, find your hustle. Seek the life that makes your heart beat faster, your soul light up and passion exude from your being. Intentionally connect with your sense of purpose. Embrace your vulnerability. You deserve it!