The Thrive Guide!

How I am thriving this week!!

Friend and yoga time! I got to hike, do yoga and hang out with my buddies a lot this week! I even met an amazing new friend! Nothing fuels my soul like a strong sisterhood community! I love my gal pals! 

Major kudos to honey maid for turning hate into love! Spread love!

A fitness jungle gym for adults!!! Yes, please!! Workouts just got a lot more interesting! I must get my hands on one of these! I am a big believer in the power of play and nothing says play better than a jungle gym!! 

Oh hey, funny bone! Laughing certainly lights a fire inside me! Watch on, my friends! My guess is you will continue to chuckle throughout the day about this! I know I sure did :)

Kind runner! Where running and compassion collide! I am beyond thrilled to be an ambassador for a movement that helps people in need, maximizes productivity and reduces waste in our environment! 

Tune in to what is helping you thrive this week. We must love ourselves enough to see the magic all around us! Punctuate your strengths, dwell in positivity, let your light shine and radiate love! Cheers to a week ahead full of possibility! Create a life you love!