Spring has sprung!

Hello April!

I love all the new growth, blooming and longer days that accompanies April and the spring time.

The intentional goal setting process reminds me of spring- a fresh opportunity, a new beginning and a big dose of hope! I have really come to appreciate setting mini goals at the beginning of each month. I am  grateful for being more aware of what it is I am going to work towards each month and begin to integrate those components into my daily living. I have been making post it notes with my goals on them and sticking them to mirrors, cupboards and my steering wheel, in order to interface with my goals daily. It is so easy to forget goals we set and revert back to previous habits. I really value the reminders in order to ensure I remain connected to my intentions. The transtition of months also provides me with the opportunity to reflect on the previous month and the areas I noticed glitches and utilize that opportunity to begin to make a shift. 

Mini goals for April:

* Starting April 1, I am going to begin Gabrielle Bernstein's May Cause Miracles: A 40 day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness. My intention for reading this book and completing the exercises is to become more mindful and aware of my thought process. I enjoy journaling and look forward to specific exercies she has designed for people to reach their full potential.

* Connect with two people to write guest blog posts for Thrive Bend, regarding the impact of including mind and body work in their daily life. Different variables of mind and body integration resonate with people. It is important to me to share a variety of perspectives on my blog in order to offer an expansive view of the mind and body connection. 

* I will complete another 24 hour digital detox. The last two I completed while I was on vacation. Kind of cheating, right? During those detoxes I had a lot of other activities to engage in and I was constantly surrounded by people to chat with. This month I am going to choose a day when I will be home and immersed in my daily life.

* Engage in one activity at a time. Oddly enough the time the importance of this is most puntuacted to me is when I am watching television. While watching T.V. I often read blogs, catch up on e-mails, look at facebook, etc. On many occassions I have had to ask my sister to rewind the T.V. show because I missed what happened. If I am missing something on some mindless T.V. show- I can't imagine all that I am missing in the world while I am distrated by trying to engage in multiple activities at one time. I am ready to be fully present and allow myself to be completely there with whatever it is I am doing.

* I am going to read Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System. Since my yoga training I have not read many books about the Chakra System. I am excited to incorporate the importance of chakras in my own life and my work with clients. This is such a critical component to our practice in order to control and balance chakras. This balance leads to more energy, enhanced health, boost in creativity and a deeper connection to your dreams!

* We are currently are in the process of moving- Amidst the transition, I am dedicated to create spaces of solace. Our home of five years recently sold and we are moving into a rental. At this time, our temporary home, doesn't quite have the feel of warmth that I so loved about our house. I am going to create a space that feels homey, elicits positive emotions and a sense of groundedness. Adam is excited to live a life of simplicity :) We are going to keep a lot of our belongings boxed up except for elements that can give us a sense of home and what we need for daily living. 

* I am going to experiment with various candles, scents and essential oils. I appreciate the emotions that scents can elicit. There can be such a sense of peace that accompanies particular scents. I am going be intentional about learning what emotions specific scents elicit for me so I can then strategically incorporate them in my life. 

What mini goals and intentions are you going to set for April?!?  It is imperative to set long term goals, however without check points along the way we are likely to get derailed from the path to our long term goals. We must embrace and celebrate the baby steps (mini goals) we take. Each of those steps are critical to our greater intention and life purpose. It is those step in which we gain awareness and insight. Embrace the process with every intentional step you take! Happy April, friends!!