Post vacation shuffle

Who is with me that coming back from a vacation is rough! All the excitement building up to the vacation and the belly laughs and adventures with loved ones when you are there and then whoosh, blink, DONE! Time to go home. Heck, I will take it, even if it felt way too short. The blah, unmotivated feeling that typically follows the return home can be a challenge to shake. You go from a high of excitement, carefree thrill of vacation, to scrambling to get re-grounded and connected to daily appointments and routine. 


I admit- I entered the hospital to go back to work yesterday kicking and screaming. I wasn’t ready to get reoriented to the duties I knew awaited me as I walked in the familiar door. I had awakened that morning missing  jump starting my day with a morning run in the sun and a fun filled day ahead. I had so quickly become accustom to that new ritual when it came to a screeching halt. I was now feeling tired and lacking the pep in my step. At lunch, I gave myself a gentle reminder that I was just unsettled- I needed to spend some time with my planner to re-acquaint myself with the schedule and to do list for the week ahead. I must connect with friends, Thrive and the wonderful variables of everyday life that await me. Noticing the blah, post vacation blues helped. There is serious validity in embracing your current emotions and state.  There is an ease that comes with noticing how you feel. Shortly after allowing yourself to be with the disappointment, sadness, frustration, lack of motivation, etc. It then begins melts and the excitement and new day begins to unfold. I commit to meeting obstacles and discomfort with a kind acknowledgement, some deep breaths and a big dose of love.