Celebrate your climb!!

Therapy- we all have a definition for it, a belief about it and perhaps maybe even a judgement about it. Therapy is typically a quiet, hush hush type of engagement. You may tell your closest friend that, shhh…. you go to therapy, however it is not something you broadcast around the office. 

 I went to therapy for the first time when I was in graduate school, to become a therapist!!! I thought it would be wise to feel what the other side of the room felt like. Understatement of the century, right?! I would get nervous sitting in the lobby in case somebody I knew walked in, or somebody drove by while I was walking to my car….


This life is a fluid journey of self exploration and discovery.  We should be proud when we are intentional and take charge of our life, in order to feel more empowered, more alive, more connected! Who doesn't want that? I've yet to meet anybody that can reach their highest potential alone. Why then do we pretend that we can?!  

In order to reach that feeling of success we all strive for, we have to have conquered a lot of valleys. That portion of the journey is an equally important part. We hide the climb we make, the barriers we face, however broadcast when we reach the summit. That summit does not exist without a climb. Be proud of your climb, be intentional about your climb and please share your climb!  I have come to embrace and lean into "failing," something that used to deeply frighten me. Learning from others and working with a therapist enables me to constantly become more connected with who I am as a person ("failures" and all) and what I represent in this amazing world! Embrace your journey, friends! Lets get intentional, lets get real.