Lean into fear, lean into fear, lean into fear!

That is a little glimpse into the mantra I repeated to myself over the weekend while down hill skiing. I like the sights from the mountain and spending time with friends but I am not a huge dare devil- Needless to say, down hill skiing and I are not two peas in a pod. We were going down a run that was steeper than my liking to begin with when we encountered a bright orange caution sign. I immediately felt my body tighten up- My speed slowed and we then passed another caution sign. My pace instantly switched to a snail pace and my thoughts took a complete 180. I noticed the story in my head saying over and over that "I knew this was a bad idea" and "why are we on this run?!?" And... I might have shared some choice words with Adam about my disapproval of the run. With those thoughts and that attitude- I was creating my own barriers! I get to choose the story in my head and could consciously rewrite it. I reframed my fear into a challenge I wanted to embrace. I rewrote the negative thoughts in my head into a positive mantra. By the end of the day the "caution run" was my favorite!!

This bout with myself on the the mountain reminded me how we try to protect ourselves when fear creeps up. We, often times unconsciously, justify that fear, further perpetuating it. We miss opportunities when we feed our fears rather than redirecting them. We get to construct our reality. Friends, how are you electing to shape yours?