Spring Bloom

Whew! February FLEW by!!! 

Everytime I reflect on life or goals I am inspired by the power of intention. When you consciously set intentions the choices we make directly correlate with our goals. I did not accomplish all the February mini goals I set, however I was a lot more connected to my greater intentions having set mini goals. I fully intend to continue with my February goals. A lot of them like, the 10 minutes of mindfulness at the beginning and end of the day, applying lotion every night, flossing and continuing to lean into my fears are now a part of my mindset. They have become daily rituals similar to brushing my teeth. 

A couple highlights from my February goals are:

Early in the month I beat Adam in a bike interval! It was remarkable and shocking! We woke up the morning we were going to go riding with friends to a  lot of snow. Not a chance we would be riding on the road. We went to Collin's bike shop and rode on a compu-trainer instead. It was more of a tempo ride versus an interval- all that matters is that I rode the course a minute and a half faster than Adam!!! Woo hoo! I got to celebrate being at the top of the leader board for two days- before Adam and Jay (the owner of Collin's bike shop) bumped me into third. 

I have to admit that my friends and I did not make it out to go dancing but we did have a dance party during our cabin slumber party. It was super fun! At one point I picked up Maple to dance with me and my friends two and a half year old daughter asked her to pick her up like Maple. As soon as Maple started licking my face, my friends daughter then started licking her face. We all had some deep belly laughs while busting our finest moves :)  

Time to set my March mini goals in order to stay connected with my greater goals of 2014. I find that sharing goals generates bonus motivation and accountability. Journeys are so much sweeter with others by our side. 

*** Attend 2 yoga classes a week. I did not go to to two classes a week in February. I certainly enjoyed the classes I did go to. I find myself going to lifting classes or cardio classes and skipping the yoga classes opting to do my own at home. I definitely don't get as much out of an at home practice as I do being in the studio, learning from others.

 *** 24 hour digital detox (loved it last month!!) I admit I did the detox while Adam and I were in Palm Springs, which made it easier since we had a day full of biking and sun bathing ahead. My favorite part of the detox in February was eating breakfast without distraction. I sat on the back porch of our hotel room, felt the sun, looked at the mountains and cacti and noticed every bite I took. I was so far from auto pilot. I was present and enjoying where I was and the task I was engaged in. 

*** Consciously communicate with the part of me that is deeply afraid to fail. Last month when I was "leaning into fear" I noticed how frequently my fear is correlated with my fear of failure. I am a big believer in reframing failure to an opportunity to grow. Failure really is a good thing. If I am working hard and outside of my comfort zone times of failure are inevitable as well as reaching new heights. They are not mutually exclusive and I do not want to miss out on opportunities due to a silly fear of failing. Goodbye old comfort zone! Hello reframe of "failure."

*** Finish reading three soul enriching books. I am going to be in Arizona by the pool for a several days and plan to carve out more time in daily life for reading. The three books at the top of the list are "Working is Out" by Kate F. Hays, "The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul" by Danielle LaPorte and "I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Making the Journey from "What Will People Think?" to "I Am Enough" By Brene Brown. *** Have 10 meaningful connections with 12 other business owners in Bend.  Being new to the area, I have not been able to meet many local entrepreneurs. I want to embrace being a newbie and learn from those that have paved the way before me!

*** Regularly remind myself that I am the only person that knows what my thoughts are, don't let them trick me. It is easy for me to get stuck in my thoughts. I want to have a heightened awareness to how I am feeling in the moment and honor my ability to change the story in my head.

 *** Only eat when sitting down. Take time to eat rather than eating on the run. As I learned from my digital detox in February, I often times eat meals on the go or while multi tasking. I find I am rushing from one appointment or class to the next and squeezing the meal in there somewhere. Rather than eating snacks standing in the kitchen or typing at  the computer, I will sit down and enjoy the moment. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are important check points in the day and I want to ensure that I am slowing down during those times to notice how I feel, what I am eating and what my body and mind need at that time. 

*** Strive for doing one thing at a time. Even if it's watching TV- just watch TV, don't respond to e-mails, text, etc. I am a doer, one of my strengths and areas of growth. I like to get things done often times at the expense of not noticing all the other elements of that moment. 

People are able to support us when they know what our goals are, what we are working towards and how we are setting forth on the journey of personal growth. Thank you for being a part of my process! Happy March, friends!