Warmly embracing December

My, my, my- December crept up awfully quietly! As I reflect on the past eleven months I am beyond grateful for the monthly intention settings. They have evolved in a way that I did not expect and have kept me beyond connected to my greater goals.

To round out 2014- here are my mini intentions~ 

 * Notice my inner dialogue. When I get busy and overwhelmed my mind is a master at playing tricks on me. This month I want to fully embrace the holiday season and togetherness and not let my thoughts derail me. I plan to redirect the thoughts that are not serving me and notice the thoughts that arise rather than subconsciously allowing them to turn into feelings or unproductive behaviors.

* Become better at accepting help. This is no new news but I am very type a. I love to hear peoples ideas and to learn from other people and can be reluctant to let people fully in to help me- I really believe I can do it all. I have a tendency to overbook myself and more times than not I am able to accomplish it all. That’s not to say there is not stress or anxiety involved in the process :) With a baby on the way there are going to be some glaring places where I am going to need to accept help and I want to begin to prepare myself for that now.

*Let things go. I suppose I could use the Frozen song “Let is go” as my mantra! I have a tendency to take things on of others or over think a conversation or what somebody really meant. I am keenly atune to non-verbals. Although I deeply value that and it is an asset in my professional life- In my personal life, I sometimes want to be able to let it go. I don’t have to be the problem solver. I want to make a choice when it is important to dig in deeper or when it is more appropriate to let it go. 

* Take my personal training exam. Eeck! I admit I have not prepared for this exam to the level I prefer to or that generate confidence. I am prepared to take it again if I need to, however I am committed to not putting it off any longer. I have 20 days at this point to get the last of my cramming in.

 ‘Tis the season to be jolly. A perfect opportunity to reflect on what it is that makes you jolly and what does the exact opposite. We have a lot of choices and this is an ideal month to ensure that we are staying connected to our values and finding the joy and love. Trust your instinct and respond in a way that is going to compliment your greater vision. How are you going to fully embrace this holiday season?!