Month of Gratitude

Awe, November! I welcome the month of gratitude!

 I thank October for being a month of centering. I felt beyond connected to my intentions, motivation and soul. I fully intend to integrate last months intentions into my daily living. That truly is the beauty of continually connecting with your goals. You learn what you need in that moment, what serves you and what does not.

In October I set an intention that I have set countless times... to prepare more meals and try new recipes. October was the first month it consistently happened! I was ready for it and motivated to execute. Don’t get me wrong- it certainly came with “failures” too. One night I made chilli, I could only eat half a bite and Adam kindly gagged down a bowl. I enjoyed the process though- More fun when the outcome is edible but none the less it generated excitement within me.

 ** Seek out gratitude. I am a big believer in finding the silver lining and sometimes it can be challenging. November seems like the perfect month to not only feel grateful for the positive aspects of life however also grateful for the more challenging areas of life. The challenging areas can either be sticking points or huge opportunities to further learn and evolve. This month I am going to be intentional about seeing the value in all experiences- I will not allow the challenging variables to drag me down but rather accept them for they too are part of a broadened perspective of the world.

 ** To study for the personal training exam. This intention is similar to the cooking- I have been intending to study for several months now and just have not made it happen. My brother in law is even willing to help me and I have yet to carve out the time. November is the month I dig deep into the material and sign up for the exam!

 ** Rest. I love to go a million miles a minute, have a jam packed schedule and endless activities planned. Turns out it is a fine line between being fun and completely depleting myself. Let  me be the first to tell you when I am depleted I am not fun to be around. My body is telling me in multiple ways to slow down. This month, I am going to be equally as deliberate scheduling activities and scheduling rest times.

 ** Light candles. Seems simple, however one of those things that when I’m rushing through life I don’t make space for. I love walking into somebody’s home who has candles lit (my sister is a pro at this). The candles make the house feel so cozy, relaxing and mellow. Three things I can definitely benefit from in my life.

 What are your intentions for the month of November? The end of the year can be a time of havoc. There are holidays, family coordination, school breaks, a final opportunity to meet yearly goals and although all exciting- it can be overwhelming. This is a perfect opportunity to set intentions and determine how you want this holiday season to be. Take control of how you want it to go and create that reality to ensure it is the season you want it to be.

 Gobble Gobble, friends :)