Get what you need

As February inches closer and closer, New Year's goals (at least mine) typically slip further and further away- This year I have elected to set mini goals at the beginning of each month in order to stay deeply connected to my greater intentions of 2014~ 

Here is what I need from myself in February:

~ Spend a whole day (24 complete hours!) without using my phone or computer 

~ Floss Daily

~ Attend 2 yoga classes a week

~ Go dancing with friends 

~ Start and end my day with 10 minutes of mindfulness 

~ Lean into my fears

~ Organize another game night 

~ Apply lotion every night 

~ Beat Adam in one bike interval :) 

I am eager to consiously connect with my purpose and passions every single step of the way. Hard to believe I have to set a clear intention for these things- Dancing with friends!?! Of course I want more of that in my life! How has that slipped?!? I find myself thinking about my big picture goals and greater intentions- 2014 is the year I am going to slow down and embrace the process. I am going to create the little steps along the way of this amazing path! I intend to not take anything for granted. The little steps are what make the greater goals blossom and flourish!  

Off to make reminders of my February intentions :)