How many sessions can I come to at Thrive Bend?

Each person will have an individualized treatment plan. We will work together to create a plan that meets your needs. 

How do I know if my insurance will cover sessions?

Please call your insurance company prior to session to discuss mental health treatment coverage. The insurance company will be able to tell you what your co-pay is and how many sessions they will cover. You can also elect to private pay.

Is there is minimum or maximum age for Thrive Bend clients? 

Absolutely not! I have experience working with all age ranges. I really encourage parents to start their children in mind and body work early. It dramatically increases children's awareness about themselves, focus and control of their body, thoughts and feelings. 

What times are available for session?

The goal of sessions is to make them most compatible with your schedule. The objective is to ensure there are time slots that accommodate a variety of schedules. 


Is there a place to shower after session?

Yes! Showers are available. 

What do I need to bring to session?

Please dress in clothing that is comfortable to exercise in. Some people like to bring their own yoga mat. If needed (or you forget) there will be mats to borrow, along with the other equipment we use. 

How long is each session?

Sessions last 50-60 minutes.

Where do the sessions take place?

Thrive Bend shares space with Recharge (, 550 SW Industrial Way Suite 120. An outdoor activity is an option. 

What is the difference between Thrive Bend and a personal trainer?

The two are very similar. Since there is a therapy component to Thrive Bend, your insurance may cover sessions. The goal is to be able to process/problem solve life events and goals you have. Thrive Bend not only includes physical change it fosters emotional and spiritual healing and growth. 

What is the difference between Thrive Bend and talk therapy?

Talk therapy is incorporated into sessions at Thrive Bend. There is also an emphasis on movement and insight into your mind and body connection. We hold stress and tension in our body, when we begin to move our body and pay attention to our internal experience we are able to have a deep emotional release. 

What can I expect at Thrive Bend? 

You can expect time specifically designed for you to focus on your goals. For some this is their first time exercising, others are competitive, endurance athletes. All levels are warmly welcomed. We all need space to talk and exercise. Thrive Bend carves that space out for you. 

Are there small group sessions?

Yes. Some will schedule sessions with their significant other, family members, close friends or common interest groups can be accommodated.